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Embracing Your Imperfection – The Only Path to Physical, Emotional, & Spiritual Healing


I am embarrassed to admit that I spent not weeks, not months, but YEARS reading articles, pinning quotes, sharing links, following Instagram feeds, and reading books in an effort to crack the code of wellness as it applied to my life. I had what I have now heard referred to as “analysis paralysis.” I could tell you the latest research on paleo diets and their effect on reducing thyroid anitbodies, but do you think I actually applied any of this knowledge in practice? Absof*ckinglutely NOT… but my pinterest page, Chrome bookmarks, and followed accounts on Instagram would suggest otherwise.

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The Only New Year’s Resolutions I Needed


It’s been a minute since I’ve written. A LOT has changed. I got a new job, packed up my life, and moved to New York City (Brooklyn to be exact). This was a giant leap for me and it was not one that came without a few meltdowns. I have family in the area, but I honestly don’t ...

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Stop Making Excuses


Below are the three steps I took to stop making excuses because of my health issues... I will never forget the first time I realized my disease provided a benefit – a highly addictive one. “So what do you gain from having an autoimmune disease?” This question, posed by my then-therapist, stunned me. “Excuse me?” I asked, my ...

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Transitioning to a Toxin Free Home – Part 1


This is the story of my slow & steady transition to a toxin free (ish) home... When I began exploring the alternative approach to healing from my autoimmune diseases, I was shocked by some of the information out there regarding the toxins we unknowingly expose ourselves to on a regular basis. I was somewhat aware of ...

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Breaking My No Diet Rule


Today I am beginning the Medical Medium 28 Day Healing Cleanse. Feel free to keep me in your #thoughtsandprayers (I’m only half joking). Cleanses are not a normal practice for me. I typically avoid anything that slaps the ultra-enticing label of detox, diet, and/or cleanse. In my opinion these are often a profit-driven false promise that ...

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