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Your Imperfection.

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Hi, my name is Paige. I started this ImperfectPaige (I was a little too amused by the double entendre) to share my ongoing physical, emotional, and spiritual healing journey after decades of struggling with “invisible” issues including an eating disorder, autoimmune disease, perfectionism, and emotional codependency… to name a few.

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Sharing my exploration of

physical, emotional, and spiritual healing from an eating disorder

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Sharing My Journey towards…

Mental, Emotional, Physical, & Spiritual Healing

My healing journey began when I was first declared “sick.” I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease at age 12 and had a serious eating disorder by age 18. I was able to compartmentalize these issue for years, but I then began cycling through unhealthy relationships, clinging to toxic friendships, aggressively climbing in a career I found unfulfilling, and pursuing the ever elusive (and fictional) state of perfection. I had an impressive resume, good grades, a good income, and a social media presence that gave no hint of struggle. My issues were invisible to the world around me.

Meanwhile, I was perpetually exhausted, my autoimmune condition had consistent flare ups, and I developed an alarmingly strong sense of self-loathing. I looked everywhere but within for something or someone to fix me. I finally had to get honest with myself, with others, and now with you. I wrote this blog and created this podcast in the hopes that my ongoing journey to release the drive to achieve perfection helps others face their own invisible issues.

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