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Self Compassion: The Key to Living a Non-Toxic Life

To my fellow autoimmune warriors and those simply curious about the benefits of non-toxic skincare and beauty…

I am honored that Primally Pure, one of my favorite non-toxic brands, published a post on their inspiring Pure Life blog that I recently wrote about self compassion as a key component for embracing a non-toxic lifestyle. I personally struggled with committing to a non-toxic beauty and skincare routine for a long time. This is how I was finally able to make the change and stick to it. 

Pure Life Blog Post

Also, a note on the topic of “clean” beauty…

Non-toxic products have become a bit trendy which is great for public awareness but problematic when it comes to unclear advertising. So many things out there are labeled as “natural” and “organic” that contain ingredients you definitely don’t want smeared all over your skin.   

There are thankfully some brands out there that stick to their mission of providing truly toxin-free options for consumers. Primally Pure is one that I personally use (or I wouldn’t be sharing this let alone taking the time to write and submit a blog post to them). If you’re curious about trying any of their products, you can use the code IMPERFECTPAIGE for a 10% discount. They make the only non-toxic deodorant that keeps me from getting smelly and doesn’t cause a skin reaction. I am also a big fan of the cleansing oil (I use the dry option for my reptilian level skin), beauty balm, and everything spray. 

Much love, Paige

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