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How to Practice Yoga & Mindfulness... The WRONG Way

How to Practice Yoga & Mindfulness… The WRONG Way

A lesson in how to practice yoga and mindfulness, or at least how NOT to… When I began practicing yoga, I was admittedly slow to embrace the mental and spiritual components. It was only after noticing how the breathing exercises instantly calmed my ever-racing brain

The Struggle with Invisible Addictions

The term addiction used to instantly make me think of an episode of Intervention. I aligned the term strictly with chemical dependencies, and having a family history of alcoholism solidified this limited perspective. In hindsight, I also avoided expanding my perceived scope of addiction because

Life with an Eating Disorder – Tackling the Taboo

Pulling back the curtain and letting you see the (wo)man behind the Wizard of Oz is not an easy step for me. Owning my story, especially the part in which I developed an eating disorder, is truthfully, one of the hardest things I have ever done. I say this having lived through two Category 4+ hurricanes, one of which resulted in losing all of my belongings, so please trust it is not an expression I use lightly. 

My truth is no longer something I choose to hide. I choose to embrace it and share the lessons I have learned from it.