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Conscious Living

Non-Toxic Life

Self Compassion: The Key to Living a Non-Toxic Life

To my fellow autoimmune warriors and those simply curious about the benefits of non-toxic skincare and beauty… I am honored that Primally Pure, one of my favorite non-toxic brands, published a post on their inspiring Pure Life blog that I recently wrote about self compassion

The Only New Year’s Resolutions I Needed

It’s been a minute since I’ve written. A LOT has changed. I got a new job, packed up my life, and moved to New York City (Brooklyn to be exact). This was a giant leap for me and it was not one that came without

Stop Making Excuses

Below are the three steps I took to stop making excuses because of my health issues… I will never forget the first time I realized my disease provided a benefit – a highly addictive one. “So what do you gain from having an autoimmune disease?”

5 Steps to a More Positive Outlook on Life

5 Steps to a More Positive Outlook on Life

Perception is everything, and having a positive outlook on life will change your world. It doesn’t matter if you believe in the Law of Attraction or that your thoughts and emotions attract your life. I personally do (which I will absolutely share more about), but

I'm Not Happy - And I Figured Out One Reason Why

I’m Not Happy – And I Figured Out One Reason Why

In my late 20s, stagnation was how my mental and emotional life would be defined. I had checked a lot of my self-imposed, obligatory, accomplishment boxes: MBA  √ Husband √ House √ Dog √ Corporate Job with a decent salary √ Happiness    ?!? The gaping unchecked box

Thanksgiving - A Day for Gratitude

Thanksgiving – A Day for Expressing Gratitude

I listened to a morning talk show on while I drove into work today (the day before Thanksgiving), and each DJ shared what they were thankful for. This is a tradition of expressing gratitude that my family honors most years, but for some reason this