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Finding Happiness

I'm Not Happy - And I Figured Out One Reason Why

I’m Not Happy – And I Figured Out One Reason Why

In my late 20s, stagnation was how my mental and emotional life would be defined. I had checked a lot of my self-imposed, obligatory, accomplishment boxes: MBA  √ Husband √ House √ Dog √ Corporate Job with a decent salary √ Happiness    ?!? The gaping unchecked box

Thanksgiving - A Day for Gratitude

Thanksgiving – A Day for Expressing Gratitude

I listened to a morning talk show on while I drove into work today (the day before Thanksgiving), and each DJ shared what they were thankful for. This is a tradition of expressing gratitude that my family honors most years, but for some reason this

External Validation: Your Worst Enemy

The reason why I couldn’t get out of the Netflix-marathon-esque rabbit hole of destructive patterns and choices? Tunnel vision focus on external validation. I briefly saw my reflection in the black screen between episodes, but I sat frozen and just let it continue. 

The need to satiate my feelings of inadequacy outweighed any chance for evolution to occur. My belief system was as follows:

Embracing Your Imperfection – The Only Path to Physical, Emotional, & Spiritual Healing

I am embarrassed to admit that I spent not weeks, not months, but YEARS reading articles, pinning quotes, sharing links, following Instagram feeds, and reading books in an effort to crack the code of wellness as it applied to my life. I had what I have now heard referred to as “analysis paralysis.” I could tell you the latest research on paleo diets and their effect on reducing thyroid anitbodies, but do you think I actually applied any of this knowledge in practice? Absof*ckinglutely NOT… but my pinterest page, Chrome bookmarks, and followed accounts on Instagram would suggest otherwise.