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Reading to Change Your Perspective

Reading to Change Your Perspective

Reading, for me, used to consist of catching up on the Skimm in the morning and sporadically reading articles online from a link through on Pinterest while procrastinating at work. That run-on sentence alone indicates how distanced I became from my formal English education. I’ll

Some Days are Diamonds, Some Days are Rocks

I can never resist an ode to Tom Petty, and today was not a diamond. This morning I woke up feeling like a complete failure. I broke my dry January pledge to have some sparkling rose… yes, I know #basic… with friends. My insecurity and

The Struggle with Invisible Addictions

The term addiction used to instantly make me think of an episode of Intervention. I aligned the term strictly with chemical dependencies, and having a family history of alcoholism solidified this limited perspective. In hindsight, I also avoided expanding my perceived scope of addiction because

I'm Not Happy - And I Figured Out One Reason Why

I’m Not Happy – And I Figured Out One Reason Why

In my late 20s, stagnation was how my mental and emotional life would be defined. I had checked a lot of my self-imposed, obligatory, accomplishment boxes: MBA  √ Husband √ House √ Dog √ Corporate Job with a decent salary √ Happiness    ?!? The gaping unchecked box

Thanksgiving - A Day for Gratitude

Thanksgiving – A Day for Expressing Gratitude

I listened to a morning talk show on while I drove into work today (the day before Thanksgiving), and each DJ shared what they were thankful for. This is a tradition of expressing gratitude that my family honors most years, but for some reason this

Life with an Eating Disorder – Tackling the Taboo

Pulling back the curtain and letting you see the (wo)man behind the Wizard of Oz is not an easy step for me. Owning my story, especially the part in which I developed an eating disorder, is truthfully, one of the hardest things I have ever done. I say this having lived through two Category 4+ hurricanes, one of which resulted in losing all of my belongings, so please trust it is not an expression I use lightly. 

My truth is no longer something I choose to hide. I choose to embrace it and share the lessons I have learned from it.