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The Only New Year’s Resolutions I Needed


It’s been a minute since I’ve written. A LOT has changed. I got a new job, packed up my life, and moved to New York City (Brooklyn to be exact). This was a giant leap for me and it was not one that came without a few meltdowns. I have family in the area, but I honestly don’t ...

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Stop Making Excuses


Below are the three steps I took to stop making excuses because of my health issues... I will never forget the first time I realized my disease provided a benefit – a highly addictive one. “So what do you gain from having an autoimmune disease?” This question, posed by my then-therapist, stunned me. “Excuse me?” I asked, my ...

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Transitioning to a Toxin Free Home – Part 1


This is the story of my slow & steady transition to a toxin free (ish) home... When I began exploring the alternative approach to healing from my autoimmune diseases, I was shocked by some of the information out there regarding the toxins we unknowingly expose ourselves to on a regular basis. I was somewhat aware of ...

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Breaking My No Diet Rule


Today I am beginning the Medical Medium 28 Day Healing Cleanse. Feel free to keep me in your #thoughtsandprayers (I’m only half joking). Cleanses are not a normal practice for me. I typically avoid anything that slaps the ultra-enticing label of detox, diet, and/or cleanse. In my opinion these are often a profit-driven false promise that ...

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Embracing Your Imperfection – The Only Path to Physical, Emotional, & Spiritual Healing

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